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Myles & Ruthann Munroe

Dr. Myles & Ruthann Munroe

Kingdom Marriage Enrichment Ministries (KMEM) was formed as an expression of the late Pastor Ruthann Munroe’s (wife of Dr. Myles Munroe) heart for marriages in Bahamas Faith Ministries and around the world. Pastor Ruth’s desire was for marriages to be whole and healthy bearing good fruit as the creator intended. KMEM facilitates the sharing of biblical principles and practical application of God’s word in marriage for couples to experience the fullness of the joy, peace and unity that was intended by the designer of the marriage institution.

Visitors to KMEM know that our meetings, our ministry and our dialogue is always to help and never to hurt. At KMEM our team realizes that a merry heart does good just like medicine so while we share truths to keep your relationship in a good place we are often interrupted with a good belly laugh.

Dr. Dave & Angela Burrows

Today the passion and the vision for marriages continues on and is fully supported by our Sr. Pastor Dr. Dave Burrows and his wife Pastor Angie Burrows who have served in the ministry with Dr. Munroe as a co-founding Father of BFMI.

The KMEM leadership team would like to thank you for your continued support in our period of transition. We have had a wonderful past two years of rich memories and dynamic ministry under the leadership of our pastors Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe in the Kingdom Marriage Enrichment Ministry and believe by continuing strong and transforming marriages we would be honoring their amazing legacy as well as fulfilling the call of God on our lives as leaders.

In keeping with Dr. & Mrs. Burrows heart for wholesome marriages, we have compiled a few resources right here for your easy pickings. We hope that you would take advantage of what we have here for you and enjoy. This site was put together for your benefit and enjoyment because we just feel that you are completely worth it.


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